Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Turtle Could Run Faster...

It's been a trying time around here. Have you noticed the abundance of home diy posts? No? Me neither.

We are crawling along at a turtle's pace. Partly because we got to a point where so many things need Mateo's help or at least time sans children, and Mateo keeps going to work. The nerve! Bringing home the bacon and all. :) I jest! Of course we are grateful for his wonderful job, but it's been difficult to get things done.

I had planned to power through the stairs myself. But there was peel and stick tile on top of plywood on top of two layers of tile. Really? I can't pry the plywood off myself. Wimpy, I realize, but true.

Slow progress on the stairs.

We have made some progress on the side of the house though. Here's a during picture.

I forgot before. But it was just covered in dead needles and randomness. The tree was much in need of trimming.

So much better now.

We have a few ferns that are growing in now and we would like to just let the area fill in with ferns or other shade loving plants. We also still need to put the fence on that side of the garage. (Which will hide the neighbor's falling fence.)

Here's next to the house. See all those clouds? That's contributing to the slow going.

We started pulling out the grass and mulching. 
Still need to work on the back section, and fix up where some grass made it back through on the front section. We would like to add bushes and other plants along the side, so it won't just be mulch in the end. 

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by today Jen!! It's great to document your progress on projects, keep up the great hard work:)


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