Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making a Bath Mat, Fail

I snagged a couple of bath mats on clearance and had the idea of putting them together to make a more interesting bath mat.

I thought chevrons.

Then I thought, eh, too much work.

The problem is once I finally got around to trying this, I already knew that I am completely changing the bathroom. So it's hard to put too much effort in.

I decided I would still try something, but simplified my idea to stripes.

I measured, marked the backs and cut.

Once I laid them out, I noticed that the mats were not quite the same size. Then I couldn't find the duck tape. At this point, with fuzzy bits all over the place I just about said, "screw it." (In a less PG version. ;) )

But I had come this far already. Might as well continue. I just grabbed some packing tape and taped the rug strips together from the back.

In the picture it's not as clear just how uneven the edge wound up being. Or how much fuzz I had every where.

In an ideal world I would have used actual carpet tape (at the very least duct tape) and I would have finished it by binding the edges, but I know I'm not keeping it. So, I was lazy. That's okay though. Not every project works out.    

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Edging the Garden

I once learned how to edge from a gardening magazine, but I never put my new-found knowledge to use. Then I saw a pin/post from Funky Junk Interiors explaining the same method, and I had Sherry Petersik in my head saying, "Dude. Get on that." And it was a weird moment of cross-blog mojonation. But, Austin Powers flashbacks aside, 

Oh, behave!

it was  fo' sure time to get 'er done.

Last May we changed up a few things in the front planting bed, but never properly edged.

I pushed the mulch out of the way.

Dug straight down with my shovel, and then created a slope in my bed toward the edge I just created.

Then I put the mulch back, being careful not to load up the edge too much.



Easy improvement.