Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little somethin' somethin'

Here's a bit of wall between the back kitchen entrance and where the counter begins. 

Below the clock and calendar sit the trash can and recycling bin. So, while this space doesn't really need anything since it's just a pass-by, I just felt like it needed something.

I decided the problem was the calender just looked a little woh-woh. (I hate trying to spell sounds!) Just so small hanging there.
So, I went through my fabric and papers and found this paper to use:

And I pulled out this frame:

If you are in a pinch, you can make this easy. I needed art asap many years ago. I pulled the flowers off silk flower stems and glued them to the paper, drew the stems and framed it. Presto. But I've never loved this, so I pulled this out of storage just to take the frame.

I took the old art out and took the plexiglass off since I didn't need it. And just used the cardboard backing.
I trimmed the papers and used spray adhesive to attach them to the cardboard. Then I put it back in the frame.

The glue wasn't totally dry when I snapped this. What can I say? I'm impatient.

I took a push pin, I had to trim the post a bit with wire cutters, and hot glued it to the paper covered board. And hung the calendar.



Just a little somethin' somethin', but I think it does the trick.

For me, this was absolutely free which is so awesome! But it would be pretty affordable even if you started from scratch.

{Update: The push pin wasn't as sturdy as I liked, so I replaced it by gluing a binder clip there and then clipping the calendar's hanger in the binder clip. It's much better. I also addressed the space below all this, check out this post to see.}

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  1. That really does do the trick! What a difference that made ... great idea and FREE!!! Jules


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