Monday, May 9, 2011


Hola, dear readers! Um, to make a long story short, I got sick, so I got behind, but now I'm better. I have a chair redo to show you, but I'd like to finish the cushion before the big reveal.

So, I thought I'd take a little look at some inspiration. I could show you my Pinterest boards, (have you gotten in on the latest craze?) but I am lame and haven't pinned anything yet.

I was bored one night and decided to jump on the bandwagon. BUT, you have to get an invitation. So, I sent the the little "invite me" info thing and waited... And waited... And waited... TWO WEEKS later I finally get my invite. But two weeks later I was no longer bored. I was having a very full life. I could not be bothered to figure out Pinterest two weeks later. Seriously, Pinterest people, that's a long time to make a girl wait! 

Then, I haven't had the time to figure out what I'm doing. I know it's not rocket science, but still. If you have figured it out, please feel free to share.

So, anyways. I'm in the middle of almost every room in the house, but I figure I'd focus on my bedroom. Or "the master bedroom" which is a title that cracks me up for our house since the "master" isn't different from the others. Old house. No "en suite" anything going on here. So, as it seems to go with so many folks, we haven't touched our room yet. We've focused on everything else.

But this is what I dream of:

When I go into my room, I want it cozy. I love the look of denim. I've held on to this Ralph Lauren paint brochure so long that they don't even make this anymore! At least it's not sold anywhere I can find now. So, I'll have to make it up myself. Just to be clear, that is a paint treatment to look just like dark denim.

I think on the headboard wall (well, it's where the head of the bed goes now, someday it will also have a headboard. Dreamin' big over here!), I want to do something different, to break it up. Either draping fabric:
Source: Ikea
Or something like this:
Layla at The Lettered Cottage is very inspiring, isn't she?!

Maybe some white boards and fabric?

I also dream of an organized closet.

I am short. So shelves at the TOP of closets do me no good. I can't really reach so stuff just gets tossed up there. The master plan is to raise the height of the hanging bar and then add shelves or drawers lower where I can actually reach them and have them do me any good at all.

Sometimes I get seduced by board and batten though and think I should scrap the denim and do board and batten.
Source: The Nester

Who doesn't love board and batten? But, the denim is just so fun. I'll probably stick with that. Either of them is a lot of work!

As for headboard inspiration, either something like this:
Source: Pottery Barn

or this:

Source: Pottery Barn

What inspires your rooms?

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  1. Oh that 2 week wait sucks. I wish I had known so I could've sent you and invite. I have a link at the top of my page for my boards if you wanna friend me, or let me know your info and I'll find you on there. :)


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