Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Art Adventure: Sugar Chalk Drawing

Drawing with chalk on paper is just fun. I don't know why, but I love it. Kids love it. I wouldn't be surprised if you did too.

But, I bet what you don't like is that it always stays messy. If you ever touch it again it smears. Well, there is a way to fix that.

To make the chalk set so it no longer smears, first soak the chalk in sugar water. Seriously. You can run your finger over it and it won't smudge. (Within reason, you could make it smudge if you tried hard enough of course.)

Sugar Chalk Drawing

  • water
  • sugar
  • chalk
  • construction paper

Fill a small bowl with water and dissolve a tablespoon or two into the water. Don't fret too much about measurements; just make sure your sugar dissolves in the water.

Add the chalk (and enjoy the fizzy sound it makes) and let soak for 10-30 minutes. I think I did 15. Just make it fit the time you have, but it doesn't have to take long.

After the soak, let the chalk sit out to dry. You can either wait for it to completely dry or use it when it's still a bit wet. Either way.

I like to use colored construction paper because the color of the chalk really pops on the construction paper, and let's face it, crayons and markers just don't.

Here's goofball numero dos showing off his picture:
And numero uno:

He added a story to his. :)
This is really fun, and so easy! Chances are you already have the supplies on hand so get creating!

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  1. that's pretty cool! chalk dust drives me batty! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Who knew that it would be that easy ... not that I'll ever really try it, but it will be a bit of useless knowledge that I will have for someday :)

    I saw this today and it just screamed for a Jen adaption: http://moneysavingmom.com/2011/05/from-thrift-store-tv-stand-to-adorable-play-kitchen.html

  3. Kristy, thanks...and I know what you mean about chalk dust! :)

    Diana, you crack me up. Send your kids over sometime for art day. :) And that link is AWESOME. I'd have to think about what else I could make a tv stand into though because we already have a kitchen. I guess I could just make it to give away?

  4. What an awesome idea! My kids will love this new way to make some artwork.

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

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