Friday, May 13, 2011

A copy of a copy, or something like that.

I completed a little project for the desk area in our basement.
I was inspired by Kim at Too Much Time on my Hands
and her sort of Anthro dresser.
 Here was her inspiration:

I don't know why, but I love numbers on things. I must not be the only one because numbers show up on everything all over the interwebs.

I didn't have a dresser I wanted to do, but I did have this:
I bought it at Ikea a year or so ago to store papers and such. I always thought it needed some sprucing but the quality and price were right.

I want red accents in that room, so I took Tomato Spice acrylic paint and watered it down and brushed it on. Really more of a wash. I did not want it to be "painted." I wanted some wood grain, so I used the paint as a stain.

That was a bit bright, so I pulled out some Raw Umber and again watering it down so it was more like a stain, I used a wet rag to give it a more distressed look.

It's really a bit "redder" than this, but the sunlight was wicked bright when I snapped this picture.
I painted numbers on the drawers and sanded them just a bit.
It's working for me. It's nice to do a small project every now and then so you get results immediately - almost.

In its natural habitat. :)

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  1. Jen-

    I love numbers on things too. Don't know why...but I do too!

    I have that same unit from ikea...



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