Friday, March 11, 2011

Want Spring; Must Organize

Ugh! Spring is taking too long to get here this year. We still have snow on the ground and it snowed a bit early this week. Double grrr. But I know spring is around the corner. I've got the itch to throw open the windows and clean, clean, clean.
I devised a way to organize the mail, the bills, the bits of things I know I want to keep for now, but just kind of pile up. I went to Lowe's and picked up three metal buckets from the paint department. They were pretty cheap, but look nice.
I used a label maker to mark one PAY, one FILE, and one MISC. I know I should be good and file the paid bills right away, but I'm not, so this minimizes clutter. When the bucket fills up, then I can file away. I like the Miscellaneous bucket because then I have somewhere to stick the summer camp brochures and coupons and such. I think the Pay bucket is obvious. :)
I tend to be clutter-y. I don't really have a problem throwing things out, but the stuff I need for awhile tends to just get stacked, usually somewhere inconvenient. I like to keep my piles organized. 

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