Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring has (almost) sprung

I promised myself I'd do some Spring and Easter crafty things with the kids this year. So, project number one turned out to be not so kid friendly because it worked best with hot glue. The best laid plans...
Have you ever used hot glue and not burned yourself? I haven't. It seems to be more successful if you sacrifice a little flesh.
So, bunnies and chicks. You need plastic eggs, felt, googly eyes, and a cotton ball, optional - wire and beans.
I matched my egg and felt colors. I drew out the ears and feet for the bunnies and let Pumpkin Noodle cut them out. 
I drew a little fringe and wings for him to cut out for the chick. He also colored some card stock orange for the beak and feet because I didn't have orange felt. But actually the card stock worked great. 
That's about all the help the kiddo could provide because then I hot glued the pieces in place. For the bunnies, I drew the rest of their faces on with permanent marker and I also glued a bit of cotton ball on the back for the tail.
 Now, you may have noticed that eggs don't stand on end by themselves. I solved it by bending a piece of wire and hot gluing it under the feet.
It does show from the back a bit, but the wire bends and holds it up. Also, I found filling the eggs with some dried pinto beans gave them a little weight that helped them stand on the wire.
And here's a shot of Monkey Bean playing with a bunny - which was about all the help he could actually provide. And, yes, he's wearing a pajama shirt all day long. Why do you ask? :)
 They are pretty sweet even if the kids couldn't actually help much.


  1. Those are very cute! I'll have to make those with Em. Too bad about the hot glue's so hard to find crafts where the kids can be completely independent.

  2. At Hobby Lobby, they have these little plastic rings you can glue onto the bottom instead of wire if you wanted to. They are $0.40 a package and you get 10, I think. I love the beans! I used rice before and it took quite a bit.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I knew there was likely a better solution, but I was just working with what I had.

  4. Jen, these are so cute! Such a fun easter craft. Just came across your blog and I'm a new follower.


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