Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make a plan, Stan

When I am about to do something I can't undo, I get a bit nervous. It's about the only time that happens when it comes to decorating decisions. 
Our house came with brand spankin' new light maple cabinets. Light maple is not my thing, but I'm not willing to paint, yet. I'm living with it for awhile. 

Thankfully, they are very simple. I'm not a fan of ornate. It's nice to admire from afar; it's just not me though. Another wonderful thing is that they did NOT put on any hardware. Which means I don't have to deal with their taste or the hole placement of somebody else's hardware choice.
I adore the 1910s-1930s when it comes to design, especially kitchen design (and men's clothes, but that's a different story). Have you ever seen the movie Oscar? I want that kitchen. It's in only one or two short scenes, but I'm the kind of freak who notices stuff like that. :) I have no pictures. But here's a 30s inspired kitchen:
I love this too. Love it all, but look at that floor!:
So, when I saw these handles, I knew they were the ones.
But, I am about to put holes in the drawer faces. I can't undo it if I make a mistake. (Hopefully, I could hide it, but who knows.) So, I was trying to determine the placement. I used strong masking tape and just taped them on and snapped a picture.

Then I adjusted it and snapped another picture. 

Now I have pictures to compare, rather than trying to hold it in place with my hand and lean back and go "Position one? Position two?" 
Now, I can use the pictures to know that this is the right placement, 
and now I can get to the business of measuring so everything is centered left to right and even-stevens. I have to confess I'm still a little nervous, but this gives me a lot more confidence than I had before. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! I think you can make a template out of cardboard to keep your spacing correct and drill holes in the right places (at least that's what they do on HGTV!!) I like position 1 better - centered on the drawer


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