Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing 78

You may have noticed mention of art supplies in other posts. More than just DIY home decor stuff, I actually am an artist. I like the idea of mixing pop culture with art, and thought what better medium for than than the ubiquitous tee shirt.
I am offering these limited edition, hand painted tee shirts under the label "78". The shirts are actually painted by removing the fabric dyes so this will age very well. Each shirt design will have a range of only 5 to 10 shirts ever made. So, you won't have to worry about showing up wearing the same thing as everyone else. Awesome.

[Update: there are only 3 Subway shirts left (any size you need, but I'll only be making 3 more) and 4 "You go, then I'll go." shirts. Also, I do take commissions. Send me a message if you want something you don't see yet.]

I have a few to show you now, and I have a few more designs in the works. Currently I am using Jerzees tee shirts (in an effort to keep costs down for you) and they come in regular or fitted, but I have noticed all the sizes run small.
This shirt was inspired by Mateo's favorite part of The Rally to Restore Sanity when Jon Stewart pointed out how we work together all the time, using the example of merging traffic.
This dark blue shirt depicts merging traffic with the phrase "You go then I'll go" on the front. It is $25 plus shipping.
For an additional $10, you can have added to the back "We live in hard times, not end times." -Jon Stewart.
This next shirt is probably my favorite. It features a subway map as a graphic element. I blocked in where the stops would be labeled, but I was not concerned with words. (Though it might be fun to see if anyone knows what city this is.)It is $25 plus shipping.
This shirt is a little different. I made it for my youngest for Earth Day last year. I used a shirt that was a hand-me-down and painted "It's not a hand-me-down. It's an ecological choice." This is truly an "upcycled" item. I love this one, but my guy has outgrown it, so I'll offer it for $10 plus shipping. It is a 2T. This is a one time offer, first come first serve.
I call the next one, "Chill Monkey." Our boys are monkeys and we are always telling them to chill. But this is one cute monkey you won't want to get off your back -- that's right, this little guy hangs down your back. This shirt is $20 plus shipping.

 This is sort of a test run. I am still uncertain if I should go through with setting up a pay service, like Pay Pal, or not sell online at all. So, for now, email me* or comment on which shirt you would like, what 
color (red, dark blue, royal blue, black, brown, green), 
fitted or regular and what size (XS,S,M,L,XL or YXS,YS,YM,YL). Shipping is $4.95. 
I will confirm your selection and let you know where to send your payment; once received, I'll mail your shirt.

If you are interested in a shirt, but would not buy one unless you could use your credit card, leave a comment about that, so I know. Without enough interest, I'll just sell locally.

*Click on my profile, the contact box on the left will lead you my email. Posting it directly on here can lead to spam, so sorry about the extra step.


  1. I love those shirts Jen! I will give you a call later!

  2. Scott wants to know if you would consider doing and American eagle design of some sort?

  3. Let me sketch a bit on the eagle design. I'll see what I can come up with and let you know.

  4. I just got my shirt in the mail! It looks great!! I like the 78 label on it! Thanks.

  5. i really like the shirt with the subway map!


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