Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eh. It's done. Bathroom project.

Problem: beige walls, beige tiles equals blah!
Detour: tried dark paint sample and it failed
Solution: cheap and easy, used leftover green paint.
Interesting side note: If you draw a line separating the front of the house from the back, every room on the back is now some form of green. Hmmm. Well, someday the master bedroom will get a new color. The green in there was inherited.

It's not adding a lot of contrast with the tiles. More than the original beige paint, but I'm just not wowed. 

I had intended to purchase something, but some unexpected expenses arose this month and I just couldn't stand the gray splotches from the tester anymore. So, I pulled out the leftover paint from the kitchen. Free is always good. 
Check out Little Man. He's always trying to get into photos! :)
My wish list for this bathroom is a new, slimmer vanity:

I like this one because I love dark wood, it has a full size sink, but slim body that has covered storage. (You can't tell from the picture, but the sink pops out more than the rest of the vanity.)It will make the room look a bit bigger. I'll have to save up a bit. 

I also want to take out all the tile and put in a new smooth bath surround because I don't like absolutely hate to clean grout! And I want beadboard wainscot in place of the rest of the tile. I've gone back and forth because some people say wainscot in the bath is bad because of moisture. What I think I would do though is seal it with a marine grad poly. With that, it should be fine, don't you think? Then I also want new colors and accessories. 

But other projects are priorities right now. Someday we'll get it all done...

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