Monday, July 2, 2012

Karl's Sexy and He Knows It

Does anyone remember our crazy experience bringing Karl home from Ikea? I can't forget. Moral of the story was, use a truck (or spring for delivery)!

Anyways. We love Karl. Is he a forever couch? No. I know he's not the kind of quality that you just know you will enjoy for years on end, but with little boys in the house, Karl is perfect for us.

When we first got the couch, many people offered comments on the blog about how they hate the cushions, etc. Yes, so very helpful after he's already been purchased and set up in the house. :/ 
But, in response I have offered this tip for all couches:
we all have our favorite places to sit, so those cushions get more worn and squashed. To keep things evened out, flip and rotate all the cushions. The sectional has different sizes for different spaces, but I take the back cushions and flip them about once a week, and then I also switch which spot the cushion is in at least once a month. It really makes a difference, especially with loose back cushions.
The blonde legs look so small and eh.

I did have one eensy little complaint about Karl though. His legs. I don't love blonde wood and on Karl, I felt they cheapened him. Out on the blogs I've seen several painting of the legs, including on Young House Love, which was my main inspiration. BUT, I didn't want paint.

So, we dismantled Karl and took off his legs.

Sanded them. Sand until you think you have done enough and then go back and do it again. That Ikea sealent is quality stuff, man! Hard to get off. In fact, my legs stained unevenly because I didn't get it all off, but I love it anyway.

I used Minwax stain in Jacobean. I just used an old tee shirt and rubbed it on, let it sit for about five minutes, then wiped it off. I think the can recommends fifteen minutes, but seriously, who is that patient? Not this girl.

It was uneven and I wasn't sure, but then I decided I kind of loved the organic, uneveness of it paired with the modern, clean lines of the couch.

After they dried, I sealed them with Shellac spray and let dry. Then I Matt reassembled Karl.
Totally need to rotate those cushions! I had just kicked the kids off so I could snap a picture. :)


I'm so glad we finally made this easy change. Now I just need to find some new pillows...

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  1. Great job! I cannot stand blond wood as well. We have an Ikea couch--not the Karl--but a different one I cannot remember the name of. It was a perfect buy for us for this stage of our lives! My favorite thing about ours is the washable slipcovers. :) I have noticed the same problem with the cushions and I do the same thing. I love the darker legs!


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