Monday, July 9, 2012

INKJET Transfer Picture

That's right. No need for a laser printer. I found this technique at Red Hen Home and I pinned it...forever ago. So finally I tried it and success! Now, she used a vintage ad and wood and that was awesome, but I decided to try a photograph.

Basics: print onto transparency film, wet surface you want picture to be on, burnish, reveal.

I tested a primed canvas, wood, and fabric. Fabric worked best. A canvas that hadn't been primed probably would have worked, but I did not have one on hand. My wood had too much raised grain, so the smoother the better with that.

So, here's what I did. 
I picked a picture that did not have too many subtle details because the end result is going to be a bit fuzzy. Because I really like the picture, I made sure I duplicated it before messing with it. Every program will let you duplicate.

I opened the copy and then I saturated the color. I also flipped the image since you need a mirror image, otherwise it will be backwards. (If you don't have words, it may not matter though.) I also re-sized the image. When it was ready, I printed the image onto the transparency.

I took my muslin and I stapled it on the canvas by folding the excess to the back and going at with my staple gun. Best tool ever!
 This was after I had already determined that the image did not transfer well to the primed canvas, so I just used it as the base for my fabric. You could wrap your fabric around a board or cardboard too.

I used a water bottle and sprayed the fabric with a fine mist, then used a cloth to blot. I wanted it just barely damp. Too wet and you get a hot mess. Oh, make sure your transparency image is NOWHERE NEAR when you spray or you'll ruin your image. Ask me how I know. Sigh.

Great thing about transperancy is that you can see through it which helps will placing the image.

Grab a spoon and burnish (rub with firm pressure in little circles) the whole image. You can carefully lift up a corner to peek and see if you got it to transfer. When you do, lift off to reveal.

It should look like a well worn photograph.

Now, it depends on what you used and where it's going what comes next. The ink soaks right into the fabric, so if it won't be near water, you can leave it be. If you used a different surface or it will potentially be handled a lot, you need to seal it. Use a polyurethane that is not water-based. If you introduce water back into the mix, you'll just mess up your image.

And guess what? You can just rinse your transparency film off, dry it, and use it again!

So, thanks Red Hen Home. I'm so glad I pinned you. :) 

Linking up to the Pinterest Challenge at Young House Love.
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  1. Your picture turned out spectacular, I love it, going to try it this weekend.


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