Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Adventure: Air-Dry Clay Completed

I'm such a dork. With summer and all, I haven't been keeping track of days very carefully. I didn't realize until today, that I had missed Tuesday. /Facepalm/

So, last Tuesday I showed you our progress with Crayola Air-Dry Clay.

Gabe made a cave which has gems lodged in the sides.

Chi made a rock.

Kind of makes me giggle. A rock.

I had the boys use their tempera paints.

 I was surprised by how much the paint soaked in. You can see the paint colors appear pretty light.

 I suppose acrylic might work better, but that's also more stressful since it's permanent (I mean on clothes, my table, etc.). Chi kept rinsing his brush and adding more and more water into the mix so his clay was starting to soften. So, the air-dry is not as permanent as they claim. Basically it seems like bone dry regular clay when it's dry.

If you have access to regular clay, then there is no reason to buy this stuff. If you don't though, the Crayola clay is available practically everywhere. It was easier for them than Scupley clay though. And the small container has enough clay for four small projects.

Tip for painting: no need for a paint palette. Just use a piece of aluminum foil. The paint doesn't soak in, like if you used a piece of paper, and it's super easy to clean up, just crumple and recycle.  

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