Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Adventure: Bleach Splatter Shirts

I'm the master of procrastination when it comes to Independence Day. I always decide to do it up the day before.

So, this year I figured the kids could make their own holiday shirts. The bleach splatter shirts are making the rounds. I actually accidentally did this to a shirt this past winter -- long story -- and after seeing the internets explode with them, I thought this could work with kids. In a controlled environment, of course. But seeing the bleach slowly change the color is kind of magical.

Bleach Splatter Shirts
  • blank shirts, not white (darker colors work best)
  • cardstock
  • bleach
  • water
  • spray bottle

First, you need a shape (or shapes). We wanted stars for the whole stars and stripes fourth of July thing. I made stars on the computer and printed on cardstock, just so we had nice shapes, but you could draw them on the cardstock. Either way, the shapes need to be cut out.

Stuff some cardboard inside the shirt and lay out some place flat that won't get damaged.

Adults, fill the spray bottle. I used a little bottle and put a capful of bleach and topped it off with water.

Have the kids position the shape(s) where they like it. Let them choose. It's their shirt. 
They changed their minds right after this pic, but I didn't snap another picture.

Once they are happy with it, have them spray. Make sure the bottle is on mist. Light is best, but they may go a little nuts. It's fine. Don't stress.

When done, lift off the shapes for the big reveal. Then immediately have kids wash hands. 

While they do that, remove the cardboard and wash the shirts. I wash bleach shirts in the washer with no other items. I realize it's a bit wasteful, but you need to remove the excess bleach and you don't want to risk other clothing.

Once dry, they can wear their creation with pride.

Other options:
1. Instead of bleach, use white shirts and fill spray bottles with fabric dye and spray.
2. Add some finishing details with fabric paint pens.

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