Friday, April 15, 2011

Your junk, my treasure

Snagging free stuff is such a high!
It started last Saturday. Some one was throwing out two chairs that were in decent shape. Not exactly my style, but still. They just need a facelift.
So I had Matt shove them in the car.

Funnily, he says, "Um, I don't think I can get them both in." (We had some stuff there already.) Me: "Dude, we are like five houses from home. Shove them in and drive with the gate up. What's going to happen?" The perfectionist packer got them to properly fit.

Then, last night, while out on a walk we saw this cute little rocking horse:
It just needed to be tightened up.
I also wanted a rocking chair, but Matt refused to carry it all the way home. The nerve! (It was a long way to carry a chair.)
But my big high was this:
A pile of old bricks. It's not perfect because some are still mortared together. And my mind is reeling with possibilities, but I don't know what I'm doing with them for sure.
Unfortunately I saw them after I'd already dropped Matt off at work, so Malachi jammed to Imagination Movers in his car seat while I, in highly inappropriate for brick moving clothes, hefted these bricks and chucked them in the car. It definitely counted as my daily exercise!
You can't quite see just how girly that blouse is from the picture, and, of course, brand new jeans. But hey, I made my three year old snap that picture and it's not too shabby! Good job, Chi!

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