Friday, April 8, 2011

Like a light...

Do you ever finally solve a problem and realize that the solution was so ridiculously simple that you feel like an idiot for not solving it sooner? Welcome to my world.

I have a couple lampshades that are smooth and white. The trouble is keeping them dust free. I have tried dusting with dusters or dry cloths, damp cloths, Swiffer sheets, those air thingies (technical term)that clean keyboards, and even showering them.

Usually the results are improvement, but not really clean.

These lampshades have embarrassed me for quite awhile.

Then, like a light, :) it hit me. My lint roller!

People, why did it take so long to figure this out?!

I worked like a charm, though it took several of the sticky sheets to get each shade clean. But, oh!, so much better.

So, I may be a bit slow, but in case you have not realized the wonders of a lint roller for a lampshade, I bestow this knowledge on you. Happy Friday!

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