Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick note

Matt's hit a bit of a snafu with the art table. Cutting the slots that will hold the vertical dividers has become a bit of an issue because a guide is missing from his table saw. I guess that's what happens when your table saw travels all over the darn country too.

It's so close to being done though! So close. I'm itching to have it in place and settle in to some creating. :) 

Since my one project a month rule makes for few updates needed, and let's be honest, this project may make me happy, but it's not the single most exciting project to hear about; I've decided to add some posts about other bloggers out there that have given me some inspiration. The people I may or may not publicly follow, but that I check in on frequently because, even if our styles are different, they inspire me to be creative. They are not paying me or bribing me in any way (hmm, I wonder if that can arranged...just kidding!)and they don't know I'm planning to do this. Some may not even know I exist. But I think you should know they exist.
Stay tuned. Right now I have munchkins going bananas, so I've got my hands full. :)

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