Monday, January 3, 2011

In the beginning...

My husband and I have lived in five states since we were married ten years ago (this doesn't even count the number of states we each lived in as children or the fact that we met and became engaged in a sixth state) and with all this moving around, we never found the time or opportunity to buy a house and "settle down." Until now.

We have been home owners (or mortgage owners as husband Matt likes to say)for a few short months. Hence the title. We are setting up our house and enjoying for the first time being able to do whatever we want, but we still feel like the whole planning-to-stay-put-awhile thing doesn't quite fit. We know us, it won't be forever, but just maybe we'll last longer than anywhere else we have been.

My mom actually gave me the idea to start this blog (thanks, Mom!) when she commented that I always have in mind more projects to do even while I'm still working on one. It's true. I actually have a huge list in my mind, but I'm on a shoestring budget, so I can't do it all at once. And I'll have to be clever about how I do things.

The plan: blog my way through one project a month with some mini projects thrown in. Hopefully, providing some inspiration, tips and tricks along the way all while keeping me honest, or rather on track. Has it been done before? Heck yes! But it's all good fun. Everyone can join the party, says I.

On Deck: my very own art space. Let the organizing begin!
Also, we actually just completed a slew of things that I will post up here to get things rolling.

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