Monday, January 17, 2011

Artspace Update

The art space is coming along. I finished getting supplies up on the shelves. I am using two bookcases that we had (and outgrew) so those were free. I think I might paint them, but for now I just wanted to get cruising; I didn't want to wait. I would also like to get some more baskets and organizing thingies. But all in good time. 
Mateo is building the table/storage. It's coming along. Our first dimensions were a bit off. It was a tad bit big ginormous. So some tweaking was in order. It will still be big because I want a nice work surface and the vertical slots beneath will be able to hold mid sized canvases. So, not tiny by any means, but it's a bit more manageable now.

Another plus to moving along with this project is that Matt finally organized some of his tools. I don't enjoy big building projects, but I'm not incapable of doing some work. But when you can't find the right tool, it's annoying. I usually just give up and wait for Matt. But now, I don't have to pound nails with a wrench anymore. Though for awhile I thought maybe Matt wouldn't ever let me find a hammer because one day while he was at work I decided to punch a hole in the wall as we discussed, but lacking any possible helpful tool, I gave up. He's not ready to start that project yet. 
So, I'll be patient. Maybe...

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