Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's coming alive

I've begun to organize my art space. I have all the supplies pulled out of big Rubbermaid-style totes. It's a wonder I've done anything artsy or crafty over the years since it's been a pain to dig out the right supplies. But now things are going up on shelves. I'll post a pic soon.

Mateo tells me I will have my work surface by this weekend. But I'll believe it when I see it. I usually add a month to whatever time frame he gives me. :) (Our curtain/box valance only took six months.)Hopefully blogging about it will keep him on track too. (Love you, honey!)

The work surface will have vertical dividers underneath, perfect for storing large pads of paper and canvases. We are making it out of an old closet door that we found on the curb last fall. We saw it, it was in good shape, and thought we could at the very least make a work table out it so we snagged it. Matt will have to add on some wood, and I'll paint it, but all in all this should be cheap.

Organized accessible supplies, storage, and space to create in, I just may faint...

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