Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crate Organizaton

See what I did there? Crate - great. Ah, yeah, I'm not that funny. Moving on.

A little organization to kick off the new year. I needed a solution for my school books and folders which I just piled up next to the bed last semester. I could put them downstairs, but I'm lazy and usually do my homework upstairs.

Over the summer, I snagged this crate from the side of the road.
It was pretty rough, but I wanted to keep the weathered quality. So, first I used my palm sander and smoothed out the rough, splintery parts. But I avoided the end with the cool stamped letters.

Then I took a very light grey paint -- so light grey it looks white -- and dry brushed the crate. What is dry brushing? Well, you take a brush that is dry (not wet down or anything), dip it in your paint, and then wipe off the paint as much as possible, so there is very little paint left, then you brush it on your surface.

With dry brushing you have to take care to brush exactly the direction you want to show because of the streaky quality. It's really very easy.

So, once I finished it, I set it up next to my nightstand and loaded it up.

That's actually just stuff from last semester, so I'll still have to reorganize once I get all my new books. 

I put the stamped end up so it still shows.

Gotta love a super simple project that gets clutter off the floor!

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