Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art Adventure: Snowflake Prints

Normally we have a white Christmas, but so far it's not looking promising. So, we made our own snow pictures.

Snowflake Prints

  • paper
  • scissors
  • cardstock or heavy art paper
  • blue watercolor paint
  • sponge
The first step is to make some paper snowflakes. Chi's not ready for this, so I did it for him. Had Gabe been around for this one, he would have loved making the snowflakes.

Just fold the paper multiple times 

and cut out simple shapes. Lots of openings are ideal for this project.
Open up and you have a snowflake. 

Now, you can stop there and hang these and enjoy, but you can also use them to make prints.

You will see that I used artist quality watercolors, but you don't need to! 

I just didn't have any of the kids' watercolor pans on hand because we have used ours all up. (I have some more for stocking stuffers, so they will have to wait!) If you use the regular kids kind, just wet (damp not sopping) the sponge and wet the paint and dip the sponge just like you would a paint brush.
So, dip the sponge in the paint and dab all over the snowflake.

Lift up and reveal the snowflake on your paper.

Keep going and you can overlap them.

Pretty snow pictures.

Doesn't Chi's kind of look like a map of the world?


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