Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Party Like It's 1999... 2011

Back when I did a Blog Advice post, I received more than one email about Link Parties, so I thought why not tackle the subject for all of you. Some of you are veteran link partiers so this probably isn't knowledge you need.

How to link:
First you have to go to a blog that is hosting a party (duh, right?) and if you don't know who does, check out my Link Party Love page.

Scroll down under the linked up thumbnails (or be first, but that almost never happens for me), and find the "Add your link" button:
Or it might say
Click and you will see either this:

Or the same thing, but takes you to a new window.
Have your post open that you want to link (I use Firefox so I can just have multiple tabs open.), and be sure you have clicked on the title of your post, so that you are on that particular post and not your blog.

Copy your URL.
And paste it into the first blank that says (crazy enough) URL.

Next it says "Name" but this is NOT your name or your blog's name. In this blank add a descriptive title that will be displayed under your thumbnail. 
Then you put in your email. No one but the host will see this so no worries. You have to put it in, plus you want the host to be able to contact you, right? What if they want to feature you?

Click "Next Step"
Or on the more expanded kind, click "From Web" as this will pull up the pictures from that post.
It takes you to another window which looks either like this:

Select which picture you think best shows off your work or will most attract people to view the project. I always just let it auto crop, but by all means, take the time to analyze the cropping if you want to.

Once you select your picture, it shows you the link party again with your thumbnail.

 Now, either before you do all this, or after, be sure to edit your post with a link back to the party. You have choices. For a text link (in Blogger), type in the Blog party name, highlight it and click "Link" and paste their URL in the blank. Easy peasy. Or you can post their blog button. To do that, find their button's code which is in the little box under it. Copy it. On your post click over to "edit HTML" and paste it in, usually at the bottom. Either way, it's just etiquette to link back.

What should you link and how many parties? Well, I can't exactly tell you. Do more parties equal more pageviews? Yes, but... there are a lot of factors. Bigger parties can yield more results, but you could also get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes small is good. You also need to be sure what you are linking is relevant to the blog party. If you do food, but everyone at the party is all about crafts, that doesn't make much sense for you to participate. Also make sure you follow the rules. If it says furniture only, then stick to that. 

For instance, when I go to a site that features things to do with your kids, I link Art Adventures. When I go to a anything goes site, I link DIY projects. 

More parties can equal more views, but you need to participate too. You can just put up your post. Go visit others and comment. Really, it is more of a community than anything. People won't come if you aren't putting in the effort too.

Really, it's very easy. Go on, get out there and show something off!

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