Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Close!

My brand-spankin' new art table is almost done. I painted most of it today. I have two issues with projects.
1. I am impatient.
This means that the vertical dividers are not in place. Mateo couldn't find his guide and I said just get the rest of it done. We can fix the storage part later. This means he will likely make those dividers fit in an entirely different way than the original plan so that he does not have to undo what is already done. But I like to keep moving along!
2. I change my mind a lot.
The top work surface is not in place. It could be in place tonight, but I decided that I want to stain it instead of paint it. So, it will be in place but probably not completely done before the weekend. Oh, well. I was really close to having this first project done in a month's time.
Matt has an issue too. It's called not listening to me in the first place! :) I thought the front would need to be trimmed out to make it look nicer. He was all, pa-sha (spelling? Anyone?). Okay, he may not have said it exactly like that; that might have been weird. Now, he thinks it needs to be trimmed out. So, I'll probably have to paint the front again. But do I care? Nope. Because I'm going to have my very own huge arts and crafts table. :)

Full before and after pictures this week!

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