Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kitchen Crashing, the part in which we demo

The demo has begun in earnest. Kent and Diana included refinishing their wood floors in the rest of the house, so they were banished from the house for awhile. And otherwise they have been roughing it.

The dark side of remodeling; your ping pong table becomes your kitchen and you are all smushed in the basement.
But, back to the kitchen.

They stripped the walls down to the studs, removed cabinets.
It's so open right now!

They may still take out the floors themselves, but at this point it is time to turn things over to the contractor.

For now, it's buh-bye old kitchen!

It's outta here.

If you missed the before:
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P.S. Opal Slate did not work. Back to the drawing board on color.

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