Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

"Coffee.  Garden.  Coffee.  Does a good morning need anything else?"  ~Betsy Cañas Garmon
That quote is so Mateo. People are always asking me about my garden. But it's not my garden. It's Mateo's. I do not have a green thumb.
Now, on the other hand, I am great in the kitchen so I love having all the produce that Matt manages to grow.
But because it is not my garden, I lose track of what all is growing. We have four raised beds. Three are side by side and are square and then there is one long rectangle in front. The paths between will be mulched soon. This was my main contribution. The aesthetics.
The tall trellises in the center are for beans, and Matt is happy that they have begun to climb. The low trellis on the right is for cucumbers. Apparently cucumbers grow better when they are trellised. Who knew? Not this gal.
Mateo refuses to worry about a wheelbarrow which I find strange. He just uses the boys red wagon when he needs something hauled!
Note the wagon over there on the left.
One of the best parts about the garden though is that Matt is teaching the boys, particularly our oldest, about gardening. Gabe is taking care of his own patch of strawberries too.
And more stuff is popping up each day. That is the exciting thing about a garden. Also, this year I convinced Matt to plant some pretty stuff too. Red poppies! Yay! I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures of those when they come in.  

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  1. Your beds look great! My son also loves to garden with me and has learned a lot. He has his own bed to plant is always haphazardly planted! :)


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