Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monkey Tree

I love plants in the house. Not only do they appear to freshen up a room; they actually do!

I've wanted a tall tree since our ficus died back in '04. Yeah. It was time to get on that already. But our ficus was awesome and I hadn't found one that approximated the awesomeness of the former tree.

Then I saw the Monkey Tree.

I love the five braided trunks and the leaf shape.
It was love at first mis-read.

My own little monkeys were being less than well behaved at Meijer when I first saw this tree which must be why read Money as Monkey.

Anyways. I wasn't at the store for a tree, so I left without it. And even though the name Money Tree is way less cool, I still wanted it. So I finally went back and got it. It was only $25 and it's hardy (i.e. I probably can't kill it). It's final placement is yet to be determined.

But, it will always be a Monkey Tree to me. :)    


  1. I am certain I would kill any and all indoor plants. :)

    1. Well, I probably can kill any plant too (I famously managed to kill a cactus!), but Mateo has a green thumb, so he will help me keep the tree alive. :)


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