Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Art Adventure: Fresco Painting

Fresco paintings are often associated with the Renaissance, but they were developed even earlier than that. Frescos are painted by painting onto still wet plaster so that the paint absorbs into the plaster and not just stays on the surface. Usually these are large paintings on walls or ceilings.

Michelangelo was a Renaissance artist who used fresco painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. He began in 1508 and finished in 1512. The panels show many stories from the book of Genesis in the Bible.
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Leonardo da Vinci is also a well known Renaissance artist. And The Last Supper is one of his most famous paintings, but it is really a fresco gone wrong.

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Leonardo liked to experiment and with The Last Supper he tried to paint into dry plaster, but it did not work and people have been working to restore it ever since.

So, let's get started.
Fresco Painting
  • aluminum pie pans or loaf pans
  • Plaster of Paris
  • tempera paint
  • brushes

Mix the plaster, 2 parts Plaster of Paris to 1 part water, stir until smooth. Pour into your pie pans and let set.

Keep an eye on it, you need it to be hard, but not completely dry.

 While waiting, get your paints ready. I find a sheet of foil makes a great disposable paint palette.

When the plaster is ready, have your little Michelangelos and Leonardos paint. You will be able to see how the paint absorbs into the plaster.

When your child is done painting, continue to let the plaster dry. Remove from the pie pan.

Gabe said to me, "Mom, I really like to paint abstracts." So he's mixing his art history time periods, but it's all good.:)

Chi is 3 so most things are abstract anyway. Just let your child have fun and explore the medium.

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  1. Lovely pictures and great explanation.

  2. This is a really cool idea too. Will let me use up some more of that POP I have!
    Thanks for sharing
    Lowri :-)

  3. That is such a fun idea- followed over from For the Kid Fridays and had to check this out (former art teacher)! Followed you as well- www.classifiedmom.com

  4. good to let kids do some of their own painting.!

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