Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Art Adventure: Favorites!

Hello, dear readers. I've actually been on vacation (and a few more days left! Yay!), so I didn't get another Art Adventure done just yet. I thought I would link up some favorite adventures that new followers may not have seen yet. If you are desperate for a new Art Adventure, I will have one tomorrow at My World - Made By Hand where I'm guest posting. :)

If you are stuck inside because it is too hot, make a Textured Paper Collage.

In this adventure you get to make your own textured paper using cheap paper napkins, a little glue and water and something with texture to press the napkins into. Then you get to take your new paper and make a collage and paint. What's not to love?

Or if you can be outside, make your own Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

Take the little stubs of chalk that no one wants to use anymore and smash them up. Mix with water and voila! Chalk Paint! This adventure also include the option of making it completely from scratch using cornstarch.

Another one that is fun and easiest to clean up if you can be outside is Action Painting.

Use watered down paint and shoestrings to paint on large paper. Bonus: learn about master artist Jackson Pollock.

And if you just are going crazy stuck inside trying to beat the heat, Salt Painting.

Paint using watercolors and sprinkle with salt and watch the paint pull away from the salt in pretty ways. It's art and it's science. Perfect for young explorers.


  1. Great ideas! I may be putting some of these to work this week...it's supposed to be sweltering here all week! My kids would love some art.

  2. I love these art ideas! Will be doing some of them soon.



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