Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'Snow Party Like a Snow Party

It's funny to write about a winter party in the summer, but classes and studying have kept me busy.

Chi had his first big, get to invite the whole class birthday party this year and we had a Snow Party!

First, I'll show you what I did for a take-home goody for the guests. I do not believe in goody bags of trinkets, but I try to send the guests home with a little something.

This year was a No-melt Snowman Kit:

Supplies needed are:  

small mason jars, cupcake liners, small styrofoam balls, 3 toothpicks (we used the fancy kind that have one blunt end), 10 mini brads per snowman, orange pipe cleaner (or whatever we are supposed to call them nowadays!), strip of colorful felt, and instructions.

Just make an assembly line and place each item in a jar.

Be sure to add a slip with assembly instructions on it.

Then place the lid on top, add the cup cake liner and then screw the ring on.

And now I should show you and assembled snowman...

sigh. I never took a picture of a complete one. But, you can imagine, they are super cute.

On to cake.

I made a snowman cake and snowball cupcakes.

Mini marshmallows pressed into the frosting of the cupcakes made the "snowballs." 

The bottom "ball" of the cake was made like the Bomb cake. The top "ball" is actually a frosted styrofoam ball because I needed it to remain light.

Chocolate chip eyes, mouth, and buttons. Baby carrot nose. Fruit by the Foot scarf.

I served the cupcakes (along with ice cream cups) to the kids and saved the snowman cake for the family celebration later.

Most of the party was held outside - in the snow - as a Snow Party should be. :)

I broke the kids into smaller groups and cycled them through several games, with the help of many of the other parents.

They did Ice Bowling.

We froze six water bottles for the pins and used a volleyball.

Target Practice.

We froze colored water into regular ice cubes. Then the kids stood back and tried to hit the bulls-eye which was created by spraying colored water on the snow.

Snow Long Jump.
Just as it sounds.

Snow Painting.

I made frames in the snow by repeated dropping an empty frame in the snow. Filled several spray bottles with different colors of water. Then let each child "paint" their own picture.

My lawn was so colorful. :)

We also just let them build snowmen. We had lots of color ice cubes left over from the target game so they used them up for decorations.

One tip, when you transition inside for cake and ice cream and presents, have a garbage bag with each guest's name on it. Stuff their boots, coats, mittens...all of it, into their bag so you can find it later. And, so your house stays relatively dry.

I also laid down blankets and drop clothes to absorb the water.

All in all, this was a successful party for a winter birthday boy. 



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