Thursday, October 9, 2014


That's how we say hello in Scotland.



So, grad school has taken me on a new adventure and I am spending a year abroad in Glasgow.

It's a little hard to DIY your home when you are not currently living in it. It just occurred to me that I've been kind of quiet for a bit too long, and I realized that I should explain myself.

Now, this isn't the end. (Just read that Young House Love is calling it quits and that is always sad -- well, keeping it honest, annoying as all get out when a go-to blog is no longer around.) I know I've back so far off posting that it's almost like I'm not around. But I have no intention of calling it quits. So, I wanted to say that I will post a few relevant things while I am here.

My kitchen here is quite different from the US and there are a couple of super clever design ideas in it. I've been inspired, peeps.

And, soon, I will snap some pics and share.

(No, I haven't had haggis yet, but I will. Oh, I will.)