Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Schedule

Variety is the spice of life, so they say. To that end, I decided to keep things spiced up a bit this summer with a summer schedule. 

There are so many great examples out there on Pinterest made by all sorts of crafty bloggers. I found one I liked from The Bradys, Lately

(Go ahead an pop over there because she is being so lovely as to give away both a filled in summer schedule and a blank file so you can fill it in yourself!)

I loved the look, but I definitely wanted to tweak the categories. So, I brazenly copied Lauren's original, but since I didn't have the exact same fonts and graphics, mine has a slightly different feel.

My days are as follows:
Make Something Mondays -- Arts & Crafts, Science Experiments, Build 
(It could be big or small. We have these little wooden locker kits they got at Lowe's, for example, so we will do that next Monday. Or we could do spray bottle painting, or Mentos and Coke geysers.)

Take a Trip Tuesdays -- Go to the Park, Visit the Gardens, Go to the Center for the Arts
(Any little excursion around town.)

What's Cooking Wednesdays -- Try out a new recipe. Go to the Farmers' Market
(Both my boys have expressed interest in cooking more, so this will be the day for that.)

Time Out Thursdays -- Stay home and free choice. Relax.
(Just what it sounds like. A day with no plan. However, I am using this day for chores as well. If we are here, we might as well tidy up.)

Fun and Games Fridays -- Board games. Yard games. Library movies.
(Game focused fun. I threw in library movies as the fun part of fun and games just because that is the day our library offers free movies.)

None of these things will take up the entire day and I will alter whether we do something in the morning or afternoon as need be. Much of the time they will still have open for free choice, but this way we have something to look forward to each day of the week.

If you want mine, click here.