About Me

Hand a camera to a 6 year old with a 3 year old in the family who has to be in every picture, and, yeah.
I am a mother, grad student, artist, and exhausted. Welcome to my blog!

So, my husband and I, after five states in ten years, finally bought a house. No more nomadic life. Much of my blog is about projects around our house, especially the stuff they never let us do in rentals.

Paint wasn't enough for me, I wanted texture. So in my living room I created a focal wall with burlap.

Ironically, you could do this in a rental since the burlap can come down with no damage to the wall. Go figure. :)

I make up for that by drawing on my walls with sharpies and other such fun.

I was also an art teacher (seems like a former life now!) and so every Tuesday I offer a new Art Adventure. Step by step lessons for kids' art projects you can teach at home.

We've made sidewalk chalk paint, textured paper collages, and even learn about master artists like Jackson Pollock and made our own action paintings - messy good times.

What you will find here: home and garden projects, crafts, art lessons for kids, birthday party ideas, various tips and tricks, and hopefully a dash of inspiration.

What you won't find here: picture perfect rooms! I don't live in a magazine layout (though PB would be nice...ah), and I'm not going to set up vignettes and pretend. Kudos if you can keep your house that way, I'm jealous. I can't. I live with all boys,  and this is my real house and real life. Come along for the ride!