Monday, June 11, 2012

Da Bomb Cake

So, I actually kind of forgot about the cake tutorial, so sorry if any of you have been waiting for it!
This was the cake for the Spy Birthday Party.

I have this bread baker's bowl. It was a gift and it's from the Ozarks, so I don't know how common they are. 

I also have a cake batter bowl from Pampered Chef that can go in the oven, so I know y'all are smart and can figure out something similar to use.

I fixed up my chocolate cake mix (yes, I used a box mix). Oh, if you want to flour your bowl but not have it white, save a little mix to the side when you stir it up. Grease the bowl, and use the saved mix to flour it. No white when it's done.

Unless you have two that are the same size, it will take awhile to bake because you have to bake half of it first and then the other half. Also, it took forever to bake. Don't panic, just give it time.

Once you have have your two halves baked, it's assembly time. My bread bowl made the halves mostly round, but they had a small flat disc on the bottoms. This is will be both good and bad. They also puffed a bit on the wide sides as cakes do. 

I started by trimming this part off with a serrated knife so that they were flat surfaces. Save this cake.

I took a small smear of my chocolate frosting (from a jar. This surprises you?) and placed that on the center of my cake stand. Then I put my first half down. The frosting will hold it in place.

Frost the center like a regular cake, and then invert the top half onto the cake so that it makes a round ball shape. However, you still have that flat bit on the top now. It was a helpful place for the cake to stand on the bottom, but here on the top it just throws off the look.

But, your scraps should be somewhat rounded having been the puffed up part, so carefully cut some of the scrap and frost and place it on the cake until you are rounded.

Now you need the little "spout" bit that the wick comes out of. I just cut a circle out the the scraps and placed that on top of the cake, frosting in place.

Now, just frost the whole thing.

So, it was frosted, but not smooth. I filled a small bowl with hot water and I dipped my knife in the water, then without much pressure, smoothed over my frosting.

Some frosting came off on my knife, but I just scraped it off on the bowl when I dipped again. Basically this will melt the frosting just a bit which helps you smooth it and turns it a little glossy.

The last touch was a curly candle so it looked like a wick. I found them in the baker's aisle at the grocery store.

Just remember when you slice it, that it is tall instead of wide! You will want to cut narrow slices. 

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